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Game plot:

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the lunar surface, back in 1969, or............was it the first one?

In this game, you are Subject-58, a product tester of Grissman Corp. Recently, this tech company has turned it's focus on genome memory research, codename: 'Project Synapsys'. Using it's latest prototype, you are tasked to sync with one of the test profiles, Dimitri Kianov, a missing soviet cosmonaut during the era of space race. 

Follow through the journey of a single man's endeavour, an untold fearsome adventure to an unknown selestial body.......

Compatible game versions:

Minecraft bedrock edition v1.7, v1.7.3-1.7.9(beta)

*for both mobile pocket edition and windows 10 edition

*recommended to play on a high-end phone or via emulator or on windows 10 edition


▪Game brightness➡100%

▪Device screen brightness➡30%

▪Render distance➡5



Possible bugs:

▪ When the rocket is moving, always remember to go to crouch mode and stay at a corner facing the viewport(glass block). Do not move or try to look around a bit and, don't try to open inventory. Otherwise you will glitch out and fall from the rocket and die. If this happens at the beginning accidentally, delete the world and try the map from the start. If this problem keeps occuring, then I suggest you to try on a more high-end device or on pc(via emulator or win10 edition).

▪When at loading screens, do not try to open inventory as you won't receive new quests then.

Install instructions

How to load .mcworld files:

First make sure you have Minecraft Bedrock Edition(above mentioned versions) installed on your device(android/iphone/emulator/win10). For smartphones, use ES file manager(or any decent one that can read .mcworld). Browse to the downloaded .mcworld file, tap on it. It will automatically launch the game and load the map. For win10 edition on pc, follow this tutorial here.


Dreams of Luna.mcworld 26 MB


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Interesting idea for a map, although most of the gameplay was just following very specific instructions. I did encounter one game breaking issue, that would not allow me to progress. When I was going to land back on earth the pod had already deployed without me even hitting the button outside the ship

Thanks mbt0601 for playing my map! I think you somehow hit that pod while trying to ride :v . In that case, just as similar as lander, press the backside button again to redeploy the pod :)


Cool map. I will try it out when I have time avaliable.

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Yeah sure :) Feel free to notify me if you encounter any bugs. And also be sure to rate this project after playing it. Let's see if u can successfully make it to the lunar surface or not :v